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Books for Directors, Aspiring Directors
and Governance Professionals

Books continue to be the most popular way of learning. Brefi Press specialises in comprehensive and easy access books for directors and boards. When you buy from The Directors Academy you immediately receive a link to a download version and in some cases, also an audio version. Books are then despatched post free (including internationally) by UK Royal Mail.

Hamza Aref
Saudi Arabia

"I finished reading some of your work just now (been reading for quite some time actually), and I love your style of writing. It’s easy, concise, useful, and personable; as if someone is speaking to me directly."

Author: Richard Winfield

Paperback 170 pages

Price: £19.95 incl p&p

The New Directors Handbook

"how to become more confident, more competent, more quickly..."

  • Everything you need to do as a director

  • How to run an effective meeting

  • How to understand finance and accounts

  • Strategy planning and decision making techniques

  • The difference between limited liability and director liability

  • How to protect yourself if things go wrong

Author: Richard Winfield

Paperback 192 pages

Price: £19.95 incl p&p

The NED Directors Handbook

"how to become effective, get noticed and exercise proper due diligence"

  • How to develop a plan to get noticed and attract your first offer

  • How to exercise due diligence and decide whether this opportunity is right for you

  • What is involved in the transition to a director role

  • Everything you need to do as a director

  • The roles, responsibilities and risks of being a director

  • How to protect yourself if things go wrong

Author: Richard Winfield

Paperback 170 pages

Price: £19.95 incl p&p

The AIM Directors Handbook

"the essential guide for directors before and after and AIM flotation..."

  • Is the AIM right for you?

  • Joining a public market

  • A strong support community

  • Implications for directors

  • How to protect yourself if things go wrong

Author: Richard Winfield


Price: £9.95 incl p&p

CPD Guides for Directors and Boards

A series of easy to read guides for directors supplied as part of the CPD 2.0 programme. Find out about CPD 2.0 here

The CPD Guide range includes:

  • Becoming a Director

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Directors

  • Corporate Governance

  • Building Your Own Support Network

  • Networking as a Director

  • Running Effective Meetings

See what some of our readers say

"This book is an invaluable tool for new directors and for anyone in management or aspiring to be so. It is a concentrated 'one stop shop' of theories, tools and frameworks that will help any individual or organisation. A great aide memoire written in such a way that cuts out unnecessary text and has clear explanations and diagrams." - Paula Fowler, Managing Partner, Fisher Jones Greenwood, solicitors


"This is a practical, no-nonsense guide for both new directors and for those who have been directors for some time. It explains both the responsibilities of directors and how these responsibilities can be approached. The book is well laid out and easy to follow. A particularly useful section is the transition from manager to director - which many people find particularly difficult." - Ann Bentley, Chairman of the Global Board, Rider Levett Bucknall


"We do need to reassure/inspire individuals to become NEDs and this book does just that. A reliable read that de-mystifies the role." - Jerry Blackett, Chief Executive, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Why you should read these books

Clear and easy to read

Content tested in multiple international director development and corporate governance workshops. Easy read with full colour diagrams throughout.

Director roles

Content covers roles, responsibilities, challenges and behaviours based upon practical experience and application of international best practice.

Advanced strategy

Directors need to develop strategy at the highest level. These books cover scenario planning, strategy development, decision making and relations with stakeholders.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

When you purchase a product or programme you will be expected to pay in advance, but if within the first 30 days

you decide it is not for you, let us know, return the materials and we'll arrange a full refund.

You can apply for a refund at any time

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