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Are You Ready To Apply
For That Dream Job? 

How effective are your Linkedin profile, CV and template application letter?

Have you built a network of key contacts and a public profile?

Career Coaching for C-Suite

Are you looking for a C-suite or board level position? If so, I can help you develop a compelling application that showcases your unique skills and experience and positions you as an exceptional candidate.

Securing a senior C-suite job, such as CEO, CFO, CMO, or any other top-level executive role, is a significant career milestone that requires careful planning and strategic actions.

The path to a senior C-suite job is highly competitive and can take time. It requires a combination of education, experience, networking, and continuous self-improvement. Stay committed to your goals and adapt to the evolving business landscape to increase your chances of reaching the C-suite.

The first step is to review where you are now - this assessment has been designed to help you check:


Discover your readiness in these areas

Personal strengths

Strengths: Discover and clarify your unique abilities, skills and achievements and leadership capabilities that make you stand out from the competition. Gain clarity on the unique value you could bring to a new role, allowing you to highlight these strengths effectively in your application materials.


Connections: Review the strength and relevance of your professional network. Make sure you are nurturing and maintaining existing connections and are actively involved in professional communities and social media.

Public profile

Public Profile: Evaluate the effectiveness of your public profile and personal branding. Review your online presence, including your LinkedIn profile and other platforms, ensuring they align with your career goals and make a positive impression on recruiters and hiring committees.

Social media

Social Media: Assess your proficiency in leveraging social media platforms to enhance your application. Review your engagement, thought leadership content, and online interactions to ensure they align with the values and expectations of C-suite and board-level roles.


CV/Resume: Review the strength and effectiveness of your CV/resume. Evaluate the clarity, relevance, and impact of your accomplishments, leadership experiences, and qualifications, ensuring they align with the requirements of executive-level positions.

Application letters

Application Letters: Assess your ability to craft persuasive application letters tailored to each organisation and role. Evaluate how well you communicate your fit for the position, align your qualifications with the organisation's needs, and articulate your passion and motivation for the role.

For a quick, yet detailed review of your preparedness complete this free assessment - and qualify for a no-obligation consultation with Richard Winfield

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