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Employee Development Pack

Induction, appraisal and training plan management forms, together with check list
guidelines to help you ensure employees know what is expected of them

For HR managers


This collection of induction, appraisal and training plan management forms, together with check list guidelines will help you ensure that your employees always know what is expected of them and are following a development plan to ensure that they are able to achieve their strategic, day to day or career objectives.

Many managers fear appraisals - but a well designed scheme that is managed from the top will contribute to morale, motivation and performance. Our experience is that both managers and job holders find these forms helpful and emerge from appraisals smiling!

The core resource is our own very popular pre-appraisal form - with more than 100 copies per week having been downloaded.

You may use these forms in your organisation as they are, or you can further develop them for your own purposes.

Here is a summary of the contents of the pack:

  • Check list for conducting an appraisal

    Read these introductory notes before any meeting for induction, appraisal or review. It covers what people need to know, the aims of a review, creating the right environment, puts reviews into context and includes a 20-point check list for conducting a development review.

  • Induction check list for a new employee

    Inductions often occur over an extended period so that new employees are not overwhelmed with information. Similarly, they might not bring all the necessary forms and information on the first day. This clear form lays out what is required and provides a means of recording who does what and when. Use it both when inducting new employees and as a framework for ensuring that your employee handbook is complete.

  • Induction check list for an employee taking up a new job

    It is often forgotten that existing employees need a form of induction when they move to a new role or post. A simpler form of the new employee's induction check list, this form addresses those things that change. It includes a discussion about the new role and responsibilities, and an introductory appraisal.

  • Template for designing a job description

    Beware the job description that is a list of tasks - including the all embracing "and anything else that the job requires". This template guides you through designing a job description that is based on relationships and key result areas, as well as key tasks and core skills. In this case it is suggested that key tasks are restricted to those that are mandatory, such as completing management accounts by a specific date. It is recommended that, wherever possible, performance is determined by results rather than activities.

  • Pre-appraisal form - preparation for a performance development review

    We are very proud of this in-depth form for candidates to prepare in advance and use as the basis for an appraisal. We believe that an appraisal should be a discussion held on equal terms, dedicated to the benefit of the employee and the company.

    However, there is an in-built imbalance of power between boss and jobholder. Our approach is to provide a form that leads the jobholder through the process in advance. Then the review meeting is a discussion about what is written on the form. There should then be no excuse for the jobholder to feel inhibited about raising a matter of concern. Further, the discussion becomes less personal when it is about the content of the form rather than the behaviour of the individual.

    Subjects include, contribution to the organisation's objectives, boundaries, authority, factors within and without the jobholder's control that have affected effectiveness, and a suggestion for improving the effectiveness of the organisation - as well as more traditional items. Performance is measured around key result areas related to the job description.

  • Personal development plan

    This table allows the outcomes of the personal development review to be recorded.

  • Check list for setting well formed outcomes

    This is one of our most valuable forms. It is the basis of our coaching practice. In the context of a review, it will help ensure that both development activities and new responsibilities are defined such that they are most likely to be achieved.

  • Personal Development Review - simple records of PDR for employee and manager

    These two parallel forms allow manager and jobholder to record the results of a personal development review. They can also be used as the basis for a simpler review for junior staff.

  • Learning contract

    Another form we are very proud of. A simple contract to be used before and after a development activity to ensure that both manager and jobholder follow best practice to ensure that the optimum practical learning is achieved. Very often excellent training is wasted because of rapid memory loss. This form will ensure that jobholders know why they are undertaking the activity and that they are de-briefed afterwards with opportunities to both apply the learning and measure the improvement.

    This form is designed to stop training wastage. Very relevant for organisations following the Investors in People scheme.

  • Training & Development Plan - summary table

    A simple table for managers to record the training and development plans of their direct reports. Will ensure that training is carried out and that benefits are recorded.

  • Training & Development Plan - monitoring

    Line managers should use this form to ensure that they review the activities of each of their direct reports on time.

  • Training & Development Evaluation Review

    This form allows managers or HR departments to record training undertaken in terms of the timing, cost and benefits achieved. Useful data for analysing value for money.

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