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The New Director's
Induction Pack (digital)

Important research reveals that, regardless of sector, the average board member takes two years to feel fully competent in their role and confident in their position.

This is such a terrible waste.

Better to prepare in advance and build a firm foundation.

How to prepare for your role as a director and ensure you become more confident, more competent, more quickly

Comprehensive information pack covering fundamental knowledge, how to become a director, what to do when offered a directorship- and whether to accept

Induction Checklist | CPD Guides | Lifelong Learning | CPD Planner and Record

Designed for new and aspiring directors ,company secretaries and chairs

Provides core foundation of skills and knowledge that every director needs to know or revise 

What to do before you accept a directorship

Meet the directors

Check whether board culture and relationships fit?

Check the board's approach to governance

Check out the financial health of the company

Evaluate attitude to risk and risk appetite

Ask "Why do they want you?"

What to expect when you become a director

You should expect the support of the other members of your board, especially your chairman and company secretary.


Obviously, some of the key information and training you will need is specific to your organisation. 


However, there is also a core foundation of skills and knowledge that every director needs to know or revise.

This comprehensive information pack provides the knowledge,
you need and will help ensure you address all relevant issues

Your digital downloads

My Personal CPD Record - A4 year planner and log

New Director's Induction Checklist

CPD Guide to Becoming a Director

CPD Guide to Networking as a Director

CPD Guide to Roles and Responsibilities of Directors

CPD Guide to Corporate Governance

essential Checklists for Directors and Boards

Audio recording: Lifelong Learning

If you are an aspiring director, a company secretary, or would just
like to obtain these foundation products, then now is the time to act

How to ensure you obtain the information you need to become as effective as possible in your new role as a director within the shortest practicable time

  • Arrange meetings with the chairman and company secretary

  • Build an understanding of the nature of the company, its business and the markets in which it operates

  • Build a link with the company's people

  • Build an understanding of the company's main relationships

  • Induction when you first become a director

    All directors should receive induction on joining the board to obtain appropriate knowledge of the company and gain access to its operations and staff. The chairman should ensure that new directors receive a full, formal and tailored induction on joining the board.


    The company secretary is responsible for facilitating the induction programme under the direction of the chairman. One option is to partner a new non-executive director with a particular executive director to hasten an understanding of a particular part of the business.


    Where the director will be joining a committee, he or she should be provided with copies of the committee minutes from the preceding 12 months.


    Here is a checklist of issues to be addressed:

  • Board and committee structure and terms of reference

  • Biographical and contact details of all directors of the company, the company secretary and other key executives

  • Board meetings, recent minutes, dates, procedures, and training in the use of systems and technology

  • Boardroom behaviours, culture and values, codes of conduct/ethics

  • Articles of association/constitution

  • Board procedures and confidentiality

  • Board appraisal and development programme

  • Current issues

  • The nature of the company, its business and its markets

  • Meetings with senior management, visits to company sites, details of employee committees or surveys

  • Information about main stakeholders

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