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Evaluate Your Personal Effectiveness

Regular self-assessment is the first step to unlocking your full potential. By identifying your strengths and weaknesses, you can pave the way for increased productivity, better time management, and stronger relationships with your team.

Take our online assessment now to gain invaluable insights and set the stage for your personal and professional growth.

Evaluate Your Effectiveness
as a Strategic Manager

Are you interested in gaining valuable insights into your strategic effectiveness? Would you like suggestions for how to improve?

Assessing effectiveness is a critical component of strategic management as it enables you to make better decisions about the direction of your organisation, make the most of your resources and achieve your goals.

How Effective are You
as a Director?

Are you an emerging director, eager to align your personal qualities and effectiveness with the gold standard in directorship? Are you looking to evaluate your knowledge in corporate governance, finance, and strategy development?

Or perhaps you're an established director determined to hone your skills in these critical areas? Take the test today.

Are You Ready To Apply
For That Dream Job?

If you wish to apply for that dream job, it pays to be prepared. You should already have laid the foundation through networking and social media. Then you need a personal and effective Linkedin profile, CV and application letter.

Navigating this journey can be a real challenge. The first step is to establish your current level of readiness.

Evaluate the Performance
of Your Board

Good governance requires that the performance of the board be evaluated at least once a year. A well conducted evaluation helps the board, committees and individual directors perform to their maximum capabilities.

A quick and simple audit can lead to an immediate improvement of performance throughout the organisation.

Monitor the Readiness of
Your Business Plan

Business plans are like CVs; they should have a purpose, be comprehensive and be kept up to date. They should evolve; they are never finished. 

Use this assessment repeatedly to monitor progress as you develop your business plan. It covers each chapter in your plan, with an additional section for when you are seeking to raise capital.