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Strategy and Business Planning

How to Write an Investment Business Plan - Template

It is important to tailor every business plan to the particular circumstances of the company.

What if and Why-Why Diagrams

What if and why-why diagrams help individuals and groups explore causes and possibilities.

Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking hats is a thinking tool for group discussion and individual thinking attributed to Dr. Edward de Bono.


SCAMPER is a checklist that helps you to think of changes you can make to an existing product to create a new one. 

Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy is a potent method for questioning value propositions and business models, and exploring new customer segments.

Scenario Planning - The Mind of a Fox

Scenario Planning - A simple but powerful scenario planning. method developed in South Africa.

Scenario Planning Process

The focus in scenario planning is on generating a range o scenarios for the future.

Scenario Planning Methodology

The focus on scenario planning is on generating a range of scenarios for the future.

What is Scenario Planning?

Scenario Planning is not about predicting the future. ‚ÄčIt is about exploring the future.

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