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Webinars on Wednesdays
with Richard Winfield


You don't need to travel for workshops and training programmes any more. There are lots of opportunities to study on-line - gaining access to expert teachers and thought leaders.


The Global Governance Academy offers such programmes, designed for busy executives and those for whom English is a second language. Some you purchase, some you subscribe to, and some are free.


Webinars on Wednesdays is a free service offered in good will. I hope you will take advantage of them. You can access the archive of webinars by subscribing to the CPD 2.0 Programme (try it for only £1.00).


The webinars are run four times a day so that, wherever you are, you can choose a time that suits you best.

The next webinar

How to become a director

Who's on Your Board?

CARTOONS: A description of people you might meet when joining a board of directors.

How to Become a Director

This video explains the process of obtaining your first directorship.

Due Diligence for Directors

Due Diligence: the 7 things you must do before accepting a directorship.

Induction and the First 100 Days

What to do after you accept a company directorship.

Corporate Governance for Smaller Companies

 What all limited companies need to know about corporate governance

Review of UK Corporate Governance Regulations

Update following the changes since September 2018.

The Wates Principles

The Wates Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies.

Implementing Section 172 of the UK Companies Act 2006

Review of latest interpretation of directors' duties.

Mission Statements

Introduction to vision, mission & values statements, and criticism of case studies.

Reading the Runes

An exploration of possible outcomes of COVID-19.

Setting up a Virtual Board Meeting

Richard Winfield introduces a checklist for virtual board meeting.

Re-opening to the New Normal: Considerations for Boards

A report from the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Richard Winfield discusses modern slavery and human trafficking - and supply chains.

Latest developments and Key Trends

Benefit from this analysis of international surveys of developments and forecasts.

Corporate Governance Best Practice - Questions

Use these questions as a checklist against your own board's effectiveness.

Dealing with Risk

Learn how to protect yourself and your organisation against risk.

Investment Risk

Look out for poor management. poor governance and fraud/corruption.

10 Habits of Highly Effective Directors

The best way to guarantee effective behaviour is to develop good habits.

Cambridge Taxonomy of Business Risks

Learn about the taxonomy and understand the business risks defined

Climate Governance

An introduction to climate change and reporting requirements.

ESG and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

An introduction to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Measure What Matters

An introduction to the book by John Doerr. Discover how OKRs and CFRs can improve performance.

Verifying Your ESG Credentials

An introduction to two schemes to enable you to define your ESG standards and accredit your performance.

Next webinar awaited

Next webinar awaited.

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