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Continuing Professional Development (CPD 2.0)

Which would you prefer?

To be competent . . . or. . . to be super effective?

Welcome to the next generation of CPD. For experienced executives who have already grasped the fundamentals.

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This programme includes:

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  • Checklists for Directors

  • Webinars Archive

  • The Brefi Collection

  • Powerful coaching questions

  • Inspiring stories and quotes

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  • Access the archives of all the collections

  • Receive immediate Governance Alerts

  • Get the latest Management Insights

  • Gain the confidence of a live feed of the latest curated information direct to your inbox.

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    How to become Super Effective; develop your professional skills, improve your leadership, and monitor trends, developments and regulations with the knowledge and awareness needed for performance at the top

    How do you know what you need to know?

    As a senior professional you take your professional development seriously. I am sure that you intend to undertake annual training needs analyses, create and follow personal development plans. But this takes time - and commitment. And there seem always to be more urgent matters to get in the way.

    Nonetheless, keeping up to date is important

    At senior levels your needs change. You have less time and yet it becomes increasingly important to:

    • Monitor trends

    • Keep up to date with changes to legislation and regulation 

    • Apply current governance process and practice

    • Stimulate your thinking

    • Try new approaches to management and leadership

    No doubt you already achieve some of this naturally by monitoring the media.

    But taking a comprehensive approach takes time and effort.

    Let me help you. 

    I have created CPD 2.0 Professional to provide you with a continuous supply of news, ideas and information curated specifically for directors, boards and senior management.

    Because we recognise the difficulty of creating dedicated study times, CPD 2.0 is delivered in easy to digest inputs that can be consumed immediately, or during a coffee break.

    Features To Make CPD 2.0 Just What You Need

    Small Chunks

    Our resources are designed in small chunks so that you can learn and update over a cup of coffee or when travelling to or from work. 


    Our resources are available as multi-media, in print, audio and video formats so that the appeal to any learning style.

    Timed Delivery

    The CPD programme is delivered on a regular basis, so you are alerted to new posts and reminded to learn in small chunks.

    Why CPD 2.0 Professional is the right choice for you

  • This is a dynamic programme in which I send you inspiration and updates as I detect them.

  • I monitor international developments in corporate governance and reporting requirements.

  • On your behalf I select and supply snippets and summaries of advanced management methods. 

  • You get immediate access to the Webinars on Wednesdays archive 

  • For more than thirty years I have been collecting ideas, developing handouts and designing questionnaires.

  • Interviews with business thought leaders reveal their experience, ideas and inspiration.

  • Programme curated by

    Richard Winfield

    Richard has established a position as the Independent Authority on Director Development with more than 30 years experience working internationally with directors, boards and top teams.

    Upgrade to CPD 2.0 Professional now

    Ensure you maximise your knowledge base, skills and awareness to progress your career and contribution

  • Become an authority on corporate governance, ESG and regulatory changes 

  • Show leadership through knowledge and application of advanced management methods

  • Rely on regular alerts and updates to keep you informed

  • Welcome to this special CPD programme curated by me.

    I have devoted much of my professional life to personal development, professional development and teaching others.

    I believe strongly in CPD and its value to successful professionals.

    The more senior you become, the more important to ensure that your skills are up to date and you are aware of developing trends, new technology, new markets and changes in legislation and regulation.

    This CPD programme for directors, boards and business owners combines an ongoing professional development course with news and alerts to ensure you are continually aware of the latest developments. Access to more than 400 articles and downloads, with a stream of new insights from leading business thinkers.

    Continuing Professional Development

    Continuing professional development is the maintenance, enhancement and continuous improvement of knowledge, skills and abilities. 

    Directors and governance professionals should undertake a minimum of 20 hours of CPD each year. The key to performance improvement is a regular programme of learning and activity that provides inspiration, stimulation and information. 

    CPD schemes normally work on the basis of collecting points, related to the time devoted to learning. For an activity to count towards CPD points it must be relevant to your career, contain significant intellectual or practical content and have a clear learning and objective outcome. 

    Continuing professional development is a lifelong activity to ensure you develop your professional competence, upgrade your skills and keep yourself appraised of developments. 

    At board level, it includes corporate governance, developments in the corporate sphere - legal, regulatory and market - and your own functional skills.  

    These are likely to include strategy and management, and could also include finance, legal, human relations etc., as well as softer skills such as communication skills and how to run effective meetings.

    Remember: where regulation and litigation are concerned,
    ignorance is not an excuse.

    At board level you are expected to have a broad range of skills and experience, and a high level of awareness of current affairs. 

    CPD covers a wide range of activities from reading a national newspaper and monitoring TV and radio news to attending formal courses. I recommend that your professional development plan should involve a mix of general and strategic objectives, as well as a mix of different types of activity. 

    These typically include:

    Reading | Courses | Events | ​Activities

    Announcing The CPD 2.0 Professional

    Helping you become super effective - one small chunk at a time

      Governance Alerts

      The world of governance is changing rapidly, especially with the current focus on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance). I send you immediate alerts to the latest international changes, regulations and best practice, so that you can easily keep abreast of developments. 

      Management Insights

      As soon as I identify them, I send you new thought-provoking insights into management processes culled from top publications and respected sources. The developing archive of Insights can be accessed through your CPD 2.0 Dashboard.

      Webinars Archive

      When you subscribe to CPD 2.0 you are automatically registered with the ThreeTicks Academy and receive invitations to Webinars on Wednesdays. As a Professional subscriber, you get privileged access to the webinars archive - there are more than 20 webinars so far and you can watch any at any time, no need to wait for Wednesdays.

      CPD Guides

      Your studies can be supported by our 48-page A5 CPD Guides. These are easy-read guides covering a single subject in governance, management, finance, strategy etc. Read them as they arrive or use them for revision - or to meet a particular need. 

      CPD Resources - 'The Brefi Collection'

      For more than thirty years I have been collecting ideas, developing handouts and designing questionnaires. There are nearly 400 documents in the archive, providing a valuable resource for you to refer to when needed, or to use as the basis for a traditional CPD programme.

      You can also download a 43-page A4 CPD Record to help you plan your programme and then keep a record of achievement. As well as twelve monthly diary pages you get articles on how to set personal goals, check your current performance against effective benchmarks and study effectively.

      Directors' Discussions

      There is so much we can learn from the knowledge, experience and inspiration of thought leaders and business practitioners. The Directors' Discussions are recordings of occasional interviews with individuals who I believe will provide you with just what you need to enliven and enlighten a coffee break or your journey home; all episodes are 20 minutes or less.

      Inspiring stories and useful quotations

      Each week I send you an inspiring story that you can be use in communication, presentations and coaching. On another day I also send you a useful quotation to enlighten your presentations. As a Professional subscriber, you get immediate access the stories and quotations archives through your CPD 2.0 dashboard - ideal if you are preparing a presentation or talk. You can also purchase them as a published paperback, "Stories from a Corporate Coach" from Amazon.

      Powerful coaching questions

      Whether you are a director, manager, in sales - or a parent - communication skills are important to your success. I have discovered that 'a powerful question is a powerful question'; sometimes a powerful question can have an effective impact even though it might not be the most relevant one to choose. I have collected dozens of proven powerful questions for your inspiration.

      Each week I'll send you a flash card bearing one or more questions to set you thinking. As a professional subscriber, you get access to the archive, where you can search for just what you need..

      Bonus - Membership of ThreeTicks Academy

      When you purchase the CPD 2.0 Professional programme you are automatically subscribed to ThreeTicks Academy. Not only does this give you access to a range of free resources, including more than 60 articles, but you are also subscribed to our Directors and Governance Foundation Programme. As the title suggests, this 26-day course provides you with a rapid revision of what you need to to be a successful and effective director.

    • Introduction to User Experience Design

    • Write a very short description about the lesson here so that your visitors know what they are going to learn in this lesson.

    • Introduction to User Experience Design

    • Write a very short description about the lesson here so that your visitors know what they are going to learn in this lesson.

    • Introduction to User Experience Design

    • Write a very short description about the lesson here so that your visitors know what they are going to learn in this lesson.

    • Introduction to User Experience Design

    • Write a very short description about the lesson here so that your visitors know what they are going to learn in this lesson.

    • Introduction to User Experience Design

    • Write a very short description about the lesson here so that your visitors know what they are going to learn in this lesson.

    • Introduction to User Experience Design

    • Write a very short description about the lesson here so that your visitors know what they are going to learn in this lesson.



    CPD 2.0 Professional is an advanced programme for senior executives and directors who wish to make a significant contribution in their role. You are likely to have significant calls on your time but recognise the importance of knowledge and awareness of governance, regulation and management thinking. 

    Who is this programme for?

    • C-Suite Executives and Governance Professionals

    • Directors, Partners and Trustees

    • Senior managers who aspire to be excellent

    • Business owners with limited time to study

    • Ambitious managers and professionals for whom competence alone is not enough.

    Raving Reviews

    Here's what members are saying about the author

    Ian Parry-Belcher

    Project Manager

    Richard's ability to bring structure and clarity to my strategic career decision-making and to focus on introspection has enabled me to bring a deep understanding of my strengths and experience. I commend him to you.

    Sarah McDade

    Programme Manager

    I contacted Richard because I was dissatisfied with my current role. After two sessions on Zoom I decided that I would be happy to stay for a couple of years but, in the. meantime, lay the foundation for a new role thereafter.

    John Skivington

    John Morris

    Director Public Affairs

    Richard puts you at ease without you knowing it. I thought I was having a casual conversation but by the end I realised that he had identified an entirely new perspective of my skill set. That's the power of a good listener.

    Paul Dubal

    Leadership Coach

    Richard is an excellent listener and a natural coach, with deep experience and perspectives. He has an in-depth technical knowledge allied to the skill of being able to deliver the message in an informative and engaging style that makes complex issues simple.

    Lex McKee

    Mission Enabler

    Richard is the most passionate and effective advocate of coaching I have encountered. His blend of integrity, attention to detail and insight ensure that his corporate coaching approach is one you can trust - giving a sure foundation to build upon.

    John Skivington

    John Skivington

    Managing Director

    Richard helped me develop a highly successful regional reorganisation and has advised me on governance implications ahead of a change of legal structure. He has been a critical friend, challenging my thinking and highlighting conflicts of interest.

    This is our core programme for directors, boards and business owners, including the governance professionals who support them, to build a resource base of skills and knowledge, and stay abreast of new thinking, developments and regulations. 

    Easy access development modules to improve your effectiveness
    and enhance your career

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    Gain the confidence of a live feed of the latest curated information direct to your inbox.

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    You can cancel at any time.

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