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Continuing Professional Development (CPD 2.0)

Which would you prefer?

To be competent . . . or. . . to be super effective?

Welcome to the next generation of Continuing Professional Development.

For experienced executives who have already grasped the fundamentals.

This programme includes:

  • Regular Governance Alerts

  • Regular Management Insights

  • Webinars Archive

  • The Brefi Collection

  • Directors' Discussions

  • Trial Offer - £1

    How to become Super Effective; develop your professional skills, improve your leadership, and monitor trends, developments and regulations with the knowledge and awareness needed for performance at the top

    How do you know what you need to know?

    As a rising professional you take your professional development seriously. I am sure that you intend to undertake annual training needs analyses, create and follow personal development plans. But this takes time - and commitment. And there seem always to be more urgent matters to get in the way.

    Nonetheless, keeping up to date is important. 

    At senior levels your needs change. You have less time and yet it becomes increasingly important to:

    • Monitor trends

    • Keep up to date with changes to legislation and regulation 

    • Apply current governance process and practice

    • Stimulate your thinking

    • Try new approaches to management and leadership

    No doubt you already achieve some of this naturally by monitoring the media.

    But taking a comprehensive approach takes time and effort.

    Let me help you. 

    I have created CPD 2.0 to provide you with a continuous source of ideas and information curated specifically for directors, boards and senior management.

    Because we recognise the difficulty of creating dedicated study times, CPD 2.0 is delivered in easy to digest inputs that can be consumed immediately, or during a coffee break.

    Features To Make CPD 2.0 Just What You Need

    Small Chunks

    Our resources are designed in small chunks so that you can learn and update over a cup of coffee or when travelling to or from work. 


    Our resources are available as multi-media, in print, audio and video formats so that the appeal to any learning style.

    Timed Delivery

    The CPD programme is delivered on a regular basis, so you are alerted to new posts and reminded to learn in small chunks.

    Why CPD 2.0 is the right choice for you

  • This is a dynamic programme in which I send you inspiration and updates as I detect them.

  • I monitor international developments in corporate governance and reporting requirements.

  • On your behalf I select and supply snippets and summaries of advanced management methods. 

  • You get immediate access to the Webinars on Wednesdays archive 

  • For more than thirty years I have been collecting ideas, developing handouts and designing questionnaires.

  • Interviews with business thought leaders reveal their experience, ideas and inspiration.

  • Programme curated by

    Richard Winfield

    Richard has established a position as the Independent Authority on Director Development with more than 30 years experience working internationally with directors, boards and top teams.

    Sign Up For Trial Offer - £1

    Ensure you maximise your knowledge base, skills and awareness to progress your career and contribution

  • Become an authority on corporate governance, ESG and regulatory changes 

  • Show leadership through knowledge and application of advanced management methods

  • Rely on regular alerts and updates to keep you informed