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Learning Resources for Directors, Managers and Governance Professionals

These resources are pdf products that you can purchase and immediately download.

Some are for personal use, some for trainers and some for teams to use on away days and corporate retreats.


Books continue to be the most popular way of learning. You can buy some books direct from us, some from amazon.

When you buy from us you immediately receive a link to a download version. Books are then despatched post free (including internationally) by UK Royal Mail.

Aspiring Director's Foundation Pack

How to prepare for your role as a director and ensure you become more confident, more competent, more quickly.

Comprehensive information pack covering fundamental knowledge, how to become a director, what to do when offered a directorship - and whether to accept.

New Director's Induction Pack

As a director you are responsible for obtaining the information you need to become as effective as possible in your new role within the shortest possible time.


This comprehensive information pack includes CPD Guides to becoming a director and a new director's induction checklist.

The Virtual Board Meeting

Check the rules and best practice for running your board meetings online.

This training simulation has been designed for directors, secretaries and senior managers to practise vital meeting skills, with the additional challenge of being physically separated.

The Zoom Meeting

The Zoom meeting is a real-time learning exercise to teach meetings skills in a virtual meeting scenario. Additional features include: handling redundancies and pros and cons of a home-working strategy.


Can form part of a facilitated training programme or be self-administered by the team.

A Manager's Introduction to Coaching

This comprehensive resource pack for trainers, coaches, managers, and HR professionals who want to introduce managers to the basics of coaching is suitable for a full day or half day 'Introduction to Coaching' workshop.


Perfect Match

This 34 page guide and workbook is a stimulating addition to the coach's repertoire, to ensure the client engages in the right sort of preparation in order to perform well at interview - to find that Perfect Match between their talents and their next job.

Employee Development Pack

A collection of 12 forms that we have developed to provide a structure for employee development. Includes induction, job description, appraisal and training plan forms.


Use them as provided or further develop them for your own purposes...

New Ideas Toolkit

This toolkit for managers and trainers includes 20 pages of tools ranging from classic brainstorming to morphological matrices and beyond.

Each tool comes with clear instructions on how to use it along with suggestions for timing, materials and when it might be suitable.

Making It Happen

This 33 page guide and workbook is for those who would like to find the easiest and most enjoyable way to make their goals happen.


It contains practical exercises and useful advice designed to help you find your motivation, overcome procrastination and begin to make your future into reality.

Space Ship Shortlist

This game can be used to teach decision making or negotiation skills, or to investigate attitudes to diversity and challenge stereotypes. It has been designed to alert participants to the danger of allowing prejudice and emotion to get into the way of negotiating a logical decision.


It can be played at several levels of emotional involvement.

Hollow Square

This game can be used to help teams understand the impact of communication between those who develop plans and those who have to implement them.

It also highlights helpful and not so helpful behaviours when planning, assigning or completing tasks.

Prisoners' Dilemma

The Prisoners' Dilemma is a well known trust game which helps teams understand about working together for a win-win outcome.


It isolates the components of trust and demonstrates the concept of win-win to bring greater understanding of the processes involved in building, maintaining, losing and regaining trust.

Rigger - a team construction game

This game can be used to help teams understand skills, behaviours and techniques that work in a high pressure situation.

It aids communication and learning about managing practical problems. It is useful for drawing out the differences between managing a project and managing routine work.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

When you purchase a product or programme you will be expected to pay in advance, but if within the first 30 days

´╗┐you decide it is not for you, let us know, return the materials and we'll arrange a full refund.

You can apply for a refund at any time

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