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In-person Services for Individuals and Teams

Whether it involves travelling halfway around the world, use of a business centre, or a telephone or Zoom call, Richard Winfield loves to work with you.

With his background in consultancy, as a thought leader in executive coaching or published author in director development and corporate governance, he should definitely be on your shortlist.

Richard Winfield international trainer

Services provided live: in-person or remotely

Group exercise


Richard Winfield specialises in corporate governance and director development. He has designed and delivered two and three day courses and workshops for directors, company secretaries and governance professionals on several continents.

These programmes and presentations provide a proven foundation for design of custom-made workshops for your clients or teams.

Facilitation exercise in St Lucia


Richard Winfield loves nothing more than to meet a new team with a blank sheet. He loves the dynamic interaction. However, in most cases he will work with you before the event to determine exactly what your needs are and to agree an outcome.

As well as a clear and structured mind, he has access to a range of powerful proven techniques and models to ensure time is used effectively and that outcomes are achieved.

Executive coaching as c-suite level

Career Coaching for Directors and C-Suite

Career coaches play a pivotal role in guiding executives through transitions, promoting work-life balance, enhancing skills, and fostering effective networking.


Choosing a coach who understands the dynamics of top teams and boards can be a valuable partner, supporting you through the complexities of your role towards long-term career success.

Welcome to the board

C-Suite Strategies to Achieve that Dream Job

To apply for that dream job you need to start early; it pays to be prepared. You should lay the foundation through networking and social media and then create a personal and effective Linkedin profile, CV and application letter.

Richard will help you identify new perspectives on your skills and experience, show you how to package them and use his wordsmithing skills for the essential documents. Rely on him as your sounding board along the way.

Board appraisal

Board Performance Evaluation/Director Appraisal

Good governance requires that performance of the board be evaluated at least once a year and that at least once in three year by undertaken by an independent agent.

Richard has developed an efficient process for such evaluations and is pleased to have been invited to repeat evaluations annually, thus providing consistent tracking of improvements in performance.

Assess your effectiveness


The starting point for any training or development should be to identify your current level of knowledge, awareness and experience.

Visit our suite of assessments to establish your current state as the basis for a training needs analysis.

What's it like to work with Richard?

John Morris

Richard puts you at ease without you knowing it. I thought I was having a casual conversation but by the end I realised that he had identified an entirely new perspective of my skill set. That's the power of a good listener.

John Morris
Director Public Affairs

Ian Parry-Belcher

Richard's ability to bring structure and clarity to my strategic career decision-making and to focus on introspection has enabled me to bring a deep understanding of my strengths and experience. I commend him to you.

Ian Parry-Belcher
Project Manager

Paul Dubal

Richard is an excellent listener and a natural coach, with deep experience and perspectives. He has an in-depth technical knowledge allied to being able to deliver the message in an informative and engaging style that makes complex issues simple.

Paul Dubal
Leadership Coach

More comments from happy clients

Lex McKee

Richard is the most passionate and effective advocate of coaching I have encountered. His blend of integrity, attention to detail and insight ensure that his corporate coaching approach is one you can trust - giving a sure foundation to build upon.

Lex McKee
Productivity Coach

Sarah McDade

I contacted Richard because I was dissatisfied with my current role. After two sessions on Zoom I decided that I would be happy to stay for a couple more years but, in the meantime, lay the foundation for a new role thereafter.

Sarah McDade
Programme Manager

John Skivington

Richard helped me develop a highly successful regional reorganisation and has advised me on governance implications ahead of a change of legal structure. He has been a critical friend, challenging my thinking and highlighting conflicts of interest.

John Skivington
Managing Director

Time to contact Richard

The most important stage in any project is to decide what you want to achieve. This is where Richard can help - even before you decide to work with him. Richard's inquisitive mind and natural ability to bring structure and clarity to your thinking will help discover and crystallise the issues and determine an outcome.

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