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Academy Membership

Basic subscription

Foundation Programme

Lead generator

How to Choose a Facilitator

Lead generator

CPD 2.0 Professional

Primary offering

Essential Directorship Masterclass

Premium course

Strategic Company Secretary

Premium course

Invisible Coaching - art of natural coaching

Premium course

Aspiring Director's Foundation Pack

Premium download

New Directors' Induction Pack

Premium download

The Virtual Board Meeting

Premium download

The Zoom Meeting

Premium download

A Manager's Introduction
to Coaching


Imperial plc In-tray exercise - personal


Imperial plc in-tray exercise - corporate

Premium download

Perfect Match

Low cost download

Employee Development Pack

Low cost download

New Ideas Toolkit

Low cost download

Making it Happen

Low cost download

Space Ship Shortlist

Low cost download

Hollow Square

Management game

Prisoners' Dilemma

Management game


Management game

Job Description for Company Chairperson

Technical paper

Appointment of Investment Directors

Technical paper

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