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Our Courses 

Each of these courses is based on live workshops that have been tested internationally. They are designed in small chunks and multi-media modules so they can easily be studied and the lessons absorbed during natural breaks and without the need to set aside extensive study times.

Most courses allow you to claim a completion certificate.

Some courses include live updates based on our programme of monitoring web sites, publications and announcements.

Features To Make Your Progress Easy

Small Chunks

Our resources are designed in small chunks so that you can learn and update over a cup of coffee or when travelling to or from work. 


Our resources are available as multi-media, in print, audio and video formats so that the appeal to any learning style,

Timed Delivery

The CPD programmes are delivered on a regular basis, so you are alerted to new posts and reminded to learn in small chunks.

Premium Courses

Mastering GRC Essentials

Ultimate Guide to Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to enhance your skills or a newcomer eager to grasp the essentials, this comprehensive online video course is tailored to meet your needs.

The Essential Directorship Masterclass

Gain the knowledge, skills and awareness required to become effective as a director and make a positive contribution at board level. Designed for new, aspiring and established directors, and governance professionals.

The Strategic Company Secretary

The company secretary is not a director, but plays a key role in supporting chairmen, boards and individual directors, helping them build successful organisations.

Invisible Coaching - the art of natural coaching

Learn to think and act like a natural coach. The person being coached should not be conscious of being coached - just more aware of issues and options, more open to change.

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Director Due Diligence

This comprehensive 20-page FREE GUIDE shows you how to avoid joining the wrong board and ensure you only take on responsibilities you are willing to accept.

Director Induction Checklist

All directors should receive induction on joining the board. A well designed and delivered induction programme enables you to maximise your contribution to the leadership of the organisation in the shortest possible time.

Ten Habits of Highly Effective Directors

What makes the difference between a mediocre director and an effective director is your behaviour. The best way to guarantee effective behaviour is to develop good habits.

Professional Development Planner and CPD Record

This year planner and record document is an introduction to CPD It includes self analysis and planning exercises and monthly record charts.

Free Courses included in your membership

Foundation Programme

Directors need to think and act like directors, improve their strategic thinking skills and understand their roles and responsibilities as directors. This 26-module programme covers the fundamental behaviours of directors and boards.

How to Choose a Facilitator

This free video course, supported by a 35-page comprehensive guide, explains what a facilitator does and why you might need one; including some examples of facilitator-led events.

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