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Assess your Effectiveness

Throughout your career you will need to develop your knowledge, awareness and experience.

Some of this will occur naturally, but it can be useful to undertake periodic assessments of you progress - and challenges to come.

That's why we have created for you a series of effectiveness scorecards. Please take advantage of them - they are free to use.

Free online assessments

Discover your effectiveness in any of these fields -
and then learn how to improve

Online assessments

Irrespective of where you find yourself in your career, the act of periodically evaluating your personal effectiveness and management capabilities is of utmost importance.


Self-assessment serves as the prism through which you can gain deep insights into your leadership acumen. It's an opportunity to scrutinise your proficiency in areas as vital as communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution. These facets of leadership define your trajectory, regardless of your current career stage.


Self-assessment should not be a mere exercise in self-congratulation. It's about unearthing your vulnerabilities, acknowledging areas that demand refinement. It's an exercise in stark, honest introspection.


It is not merely a routine; it's the cornerstone of deliberate professional development. It is the vehicle that propels you toward evolving into the kind of leader who excels at every stage of their career voyage.


Start today by taking advantage of our free online assessments; you will receive personalised written feedback and the offer of a short free review with Richard Winfield.

Evaluate Your Personal Effectiveness

Awareness is the first step toward improving your performance.

Complete this questionnaire to review factors such as your self awareness, assertiveness, communication, time management, problem solving, decision making and use of social media.

How Effective Are You as a Strategic Manager?

Use this scorecard to review your ability to evaluate and improve performance, set strategy, organise and delegate work, and create a diverse and collaborative culture. Assess your ability to monitor external environments and your understanding of factors affecting strengths and weaknesses.

How Effective Are You As A Director?

Appointment to a board brings additional responsibilities. Use this scorecard to assess your personal effectiveness at board level, review your personal qualities, and your understanding of governance, finance and strategy. Directors should also commit to personal development.

Are You Ready To Apply For That Dream Job?

If you wish to apply for that dream job, it pays to be prepared. You should already have laid the foundation through networking and social media. Then you need a personal and effective Linkedin profile, CV and application letter. Use this assessment to discover how prepared you really are.

Evaluate the Performance of Your Board

Board performance should be reviewed annually, together with directors appraisals. This scorecard provides you with a first level of assessment to guide you in preparation. It considers clarity of roles and responsibilities, conduct of board  meetings, chairmanship, strategy and monitoring.

Monitor the Readiness of Your Business Plan

Business plans are like CVs; they should be comprehensive and kept up to date. Use this assessment repeatedly to monitor the readiness of your business plan. It covers each chapter in your plan, with an additional section for when you are seeking to raise capital.

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