Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

Our memory and power of recall deteriorates rapidly if we do not reinforce what we have learned.

Sep 16, 2021


A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea.

Sep 16, 2021

Lateral Thinking

The term lateral thinking was coined by Edward De Bono to denote a creative problem-solving style that involves looking at the given situation from unexpected angles.

Sep 16, 2021

Empathy Map

The Empathy Map is both a framework and a technique, and it’s typically developed collaboratively by a diverse team by placing sticky notes on a wall.

Sep 16, 2021

Intake Meetings

A coaching programme will normally start with an intake meeting, the first part of which might be attended by line managers and HR personnel as well as the client to be coached.

Sep 09, 2021

Business Coaching

Business coaching is focused on the success of the business and is likely to include a mixture of short and long term objectives

Sep 08, 2021

International Coaching Qualifications

Don't settle for a piece of paper from a training company - get an international accreditation

Sep 08, 2021

Executive Coaching for High Performance Top Teams and Individuals in Organisations

Top teams include chief executives, managing directors, whole boards of directors, heads of departments . . . Teams are built, and when individuals leave, or teams disperse, they grieve.

Sep 08, 2021