Core Transformation

Core Transformation

Sep 17, 2021

Core transformation

This is a process developed by Connirae Andreas and described in her book Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within.

It is based on the fact that we are often disempowered by limiting beliefs because we lack some supposed key resources. The process identifies an objective (in terms of a wanted resource) and then asks the client to assume they have the resource. What do they then want? Gradually the coach facilitates the client up a hierarchy until they reach the ‘core state’. This is normally a version of love.

Then, when the client is able to act as if they have that core state, the coach guides them back down to where they started – at each stage asking “Now that you have the ’state/resource’ how do you respond to ‘the next situation’?

Although this is a personal development strategy, the concept can be used in organisations, where it is often believed that something cannot be done because ‘it is not done like that here’. By asking “What would happen if you were able to?” a coach or consultant can release potential and move a team or individual up a hierarchy to greater achievement. Then guide them back to the start, fully empowered with their newly available resources.

Here are the ten steps as described by Connirae Andreas

1.    Choose a part to work with: Experience it, receive and welcome it.

2.    Discover the purpose/first intended outcome: Ask your part, “What do you want?”

3.    Discover the outcome chain: Ask your part, “If you have [intended outcome from previous step], fully and completely, what do you want through having that, that is even more important?” Repeat as needed.

4.    The core state: Reaching the wellspring within: Take a moment to enjoy your core state.

5.    Reverse the outcome chain with the core state:

a) General: Invite your part to notice, “When you just have [Core State] as a beginning, as a way of being in the world, how does already having [Core State] make things different?”

b) Specific: “How does already having [Core State] as a way of being transform, enrich, radiate through [Intended Outcome]?” (Do with all Intended Outcomes.)

c) Transform the original context: “How does already having [Core State] as a way of being transform your experience of the [the context where you used to X?]”

6.    Grow up the part: Ask your part:

a) “How old are you?”

b) “Do you want to have the benefits that come from evolving forward in time to your current age, with [Core State] fully present?”

c) Evolve through time, from whatever age it is, all the way forward to your current age, having [Core State] there through every moment of time.

7.    Bring the part fully into your body: Notice where your part is located now and allow it to flow in and throughout your body, permeating every cell with [Core State].

8.    Reverse the outcome chain with the grown up part fully in your body (general, specific, original context).

9.    Check for objecting parts: “Is there any part of me that objects to my just having [Core State] now as a way of being in the world?” (Bring any objecting parts, and any additional parts associated with this issue, through steps 1-8 before going on.)

10.  Timeline generalisation:

a) Envision your timeline and float back over it to just before you were conceived. With your Core State radiating through your being, allow yourself to move forward through time, letting [core State] colour and transform every moment of experience to the present.

b) Envision yourself moving forward on that same trajectory into the future, noticing how that is also coloured by having [Core State].

c) Cycle back through the timeline generalisation several times, faster each time.