New Director Training and Development

New Director Training and Development

Sep 10, 2021

Are you ready to be an effective director?

New director development: for managers who think they ought to be directors and directors who still think like managers.


Are you really ready to be an effective board director?


Do you appear confident and in control? Or do you sometimes look around the board and inwardly wish to be as good in certain areas as some more experienced directors? Especially in the first few months...


Do you know what specific skills and processes a director needs? How much support did you get at your induction?


Being honest, would you benefit from having some of your lesser skills developed or honed to meet the different needs of a directorship?


If you would, then you will be interested in the comprehensive range of director coaching packages that we offer.

It really is different to be a director

You move up and up in your career. And suddenly you are a new director. You've got your directorship. You're on the board of directors. And everything is different.


That's why we have launched the Directors' Academy to provide course, resources and events so you can be more confident, more effective - with less stress.


And as a successful director, you are appointed chairman. You've got the chairmanship. Again, different skills needed.

The move from being a manager to a directorship – or from director to chairman – is more than a change in responsibility, it is a major change in behaviour and identity.


For most of your career you will have been becoming more expert in a narrower field, or focusing only on the interests of a single department. Suddenly, you need to have equal responsibility for all departments scanning the external environment for opportunities and developments and joining a new, elite, group at the top.

Executive coaching is the answer

Formal director training might help you to understand the legal implications of your new role and the responsibilities of company boards. But to help you make the behavioural changes, the best solution is personal support through executive coaching:-

  • What are the challenges of the new role?
  • What do your old colleagues expect of you now?
  • How do you handle the change of status and relationships?
  • What do your new boardroom colleagues expect of you?
  • What do customers, suppliers and other stakeholders now expect?
  • How do you handle dual responsibilities as head of department and board member?
  • What practical steps should you take to improve your awareness, develop new skills, establish yourself in your new role?

New director coaching packages

Transition coaching by an experienced external coach, both before and after your appointment will help you make a successful move into this new role. Check out our dedicated directors coaching packages.


These are completely flexible to meet your personal needs and to respond to events and challenges as they arise. However, they are designed to cover the following: -

  • In-depth individual interview to explore current situation and aspirations
  • Self assessment forms, personal review, 360° feedback from colleagues
  • Psychometric profiling to identify your strengths and best role contribution
  • Face to face coaching
  • Informal telephone access to your personal coach

What to do next

If you would like to know more about how we can support your personal development as a director, facilitate an away day or corporate retreat, or assist with your board's corporate governance, contact us or call +44 (0) 7970 891 343.