Reasons for Using Coaching

Reasons for Using Coaching

Sep 03, 2021

A rapidly evolving business environment. Dealing with change is becoming an everyday challenge. The ability to learn and adapt is quickly becoming an essential skill.


The features of modern organisations. Flatter organisational structures, broader management roles and lower job security have also been contributing factors to the growth of coaching. Newly promoted individuals often have to make large step changes in skills, responsibilities and performance.


Lifelong Learning. Coaching has the adaptability to support different learning styles so may be able to support more employees than traditional training methods.


The need for targeted, individualised, just-in-time development.


The financial costs of the poor performance of senior managers/executives. Coaching provides organisations with an opportunity to undertake pre-emptive and proactive interventions to improve their performance.


Improving the decision-making of senior employees. A coach can be used to provide a ‘safe and objective haven’ to discuss issues and give support.


Individual responsibility for development. Coaching can help individuals identify development needs, plan development activities and support personal problem-solving.


Employee demand for different types of training. Research has frequently demonstrated that people are more motivated and learn best when they see that the training is relevant to their job. Coaching, with its focus on work issues and improving job performance, fits in well with this.


Support for other learning and development activities. Coaching is a valuable way of providing ongoing support for personal development plans.


A popular development mechanism. People enjoy participating in coaching.

Coaching top teams and leaders

With our MBA level experience and training in the psychology of change, Brefi Group coaches possess the unique combination of maturity, professional skills and human qualities required to work with top decision-makers and the leaders of the future, whether they be in commercial or public organisations or running a small company. Such key individuals have the maximum leverage for change – they provide the leadership and role models for the rest of the organisation. They are under the greatest pressure, and are more likely to suffer from stress and an out of balance work/home life.


We can also train managers as coaches and set up in-house coaching and mentoring schemes.

What to do next

If you would like to know more about how we can support your personal development as a director, facilitate an away day or corporate retreat, or assist with your board's corporate governance, contact us or call +44 (0) 7970 891 343.