Setting Well-Formed Outcomes

Setting Well-Formed Outcomes

Sep 20, 2021


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NOTE: keep repeating this exercise until you can answer all questions satisfactorily.

1.  What do you want? State your outcome specifically. You can define a multiple outcome by using the word AND. Never, ever, use BUT. Check that your outcome is stated in the positive. Then ask what would be a better outcome than this? 

2.  Is the achievement of this outcome within your control?

     What do you need to achieve it?


3.  When and where do you want this?

4.  What will the achievement of this outcome do for you?

     How will achieving this outcome benefit you?

5.  What might stop you achieving this outcome? Why have you not already achieved it? What might be the benefits of not achieving it?

6.  How will you know when you have achieved this outcome?

     What evidence will you use to let you know that you are achieving this outcome?

7.  How will achieving this affect other areas of your life?

     Is this outcome acceptable to you and to other people?

8.  What is the first action you must take to achieve this outcome?