Visual Activities

Visual Activities

Sep 15, 2021



A storyboard is a sequence of images and words drawn together on a page to form a plausible narrative.

The process of visual thinking and planning allows a group of people to brainstorm together, placing their ideas on storyboards and then arranging the storyboards on the wall. This fosters more ideas and generates consensus inside the group.

Storyboards are routinely used in the movie making business to ‘preview’ a movie before a single shot is taken. Not only does a storyboard allow for a dress rehearsal of the final product but by the very fact of being posted on the wall, it elicits early feedback and encourages quick, painless editing, leading to significant savings in time and resources.

A storyboard is an apt metaphor for how we make sense of a project or proposal over time. Storyboarding can be used in both film and business to experiment with changes in the storyline to evoke stronger reaction or interest.

Storyboarding can be used as a mapping process for both past and future events.