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Avoid These Deadly Corporate Coaching Mistakes

21 deadly coaching mistakes

    Coaching is about being positive and goal-focused. However, here are 21 deadly mistakes to avoid.

    • Following your agenda versus theirs – our favourite approach, assessment, etc.

    • Not being aware of the culture, the history – jargon, abbreviations

    • Lack of confidentiality

    • Forgetting who the real client is

    • Stop growing personality – personal development. Not being open to our own personal growth; not understanding how and why our won personal foundation as a coach relates to our success and the success of the client.

    • Stop growing professionally – letting the leading edge coaching methodology pass you by – professional development.

    • Missing those coaching opportunities right before your eyes; missing the signals when another opportunity to coach is presented.

    • Writing a vague contract; minimising the importance of presenting the well crafted formal proposal – not being specific and promising more than you can deliver.

    • Thinking the corporation is all about money – all about making money and the bottom line.

    • Not thinking the corporation is about the money and getting results.

    • Ignoring liability considerations – contracts, insurance, structure of the firm.

    • Personal barriers – arrogance, ego, mood.

    • Not fixing your style – communication, dress, approach.

    • Not understanding how personal foundation of the client ties to results.

    • Becoming lost in the journey with your client; not knowing where you are and where you are going.

    • Not learning the language of the client.

    • Depending on one person’s viewpoint

    • Not setting goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound).

    • Personalising – taking responsibility for everything, leading to feeling guilty or even angry.

    • Mind reading – making assumptions about what others are thinking or feeling.

    • Yes-but-ism – the tendency to find the negative that outweighs the positive

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