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How Corporates Select Coaches

How Corporates Select Coaches

    As coaching becomes a sought-after development for corporates, they are standardising how they qualify suppliers.

    Trends in selecting coaches
    • Centralised selection of coaches

    • Defining the coaching requirements

    • Understanding the coach’s service offerings

    • Assessing the coach’s calibre and ability

    • Assessing the coach’s fit with organisational strategy/culture

    • Contracting between coach and organisation

    They might run orientation workshops for prospective coaches to evaluate them.

    Organisations are developing their own contracts and fee scales; they might be using multiple coaching suppliers.

    Coaches might be identified through presentations to networking organisations.

    Here are some things they are looking for: -
    • Industry experience

    • Work/career history

    • Coaching experience – types and levels in organisations

    • Education/certifications

    • Use of certain techniques/tools

    • Coaching approach/model – articulate a pathway

    • Past success/references

    Assessment tools you could refer to: -
    • DISC

    • Myers Briggs, MBTI

    • Personal Interest, Attitudes and Values, PIA

    • Formal coaching model, e.g. 4-step model: -

    • Preparation

    • Contracting

    • Coaching

    • Evaluation

      The GROW Model:-

    • Goal

    • Reality

    • Options/Obstacles

    • Way forward/Will

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