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Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life

The wheel of life allows you to determine whether you are focusing too much on one part of your life and so neglecting others. The wheel is divided into sections.

Rank your level of satisfaction with each area of your life.

  • Health

  • Friends & family

  • Romance

  • Personal growth

  •  Fun & recreation

  • Physical environment

  • Career

  • Money

  • Now look at it. Does anything strike you? How balanced is it? What could you do to improve any area? Would that have an impact on any other area? Would a change in one area lead to improvements in another area?

    Everyone knows that having a balance in life is important because we can be more content and more alive and really enjoy what we are doing. Your result will show you the degree to which you are satisfied with your own level of balance in your life. The more red there is, the more you are satisfied. Which are your low spots – the areas you are least satisfied with? Make a list of them and rank them in order of importance to you right now. Taking rank number one – the area of your life you are least satisfied with, answer the following questions.

    • Why is it most important to me right now to become more satisfied with this area – money, friends/family or whatever it is?

    • What can I do personally to improve things?

    • What can I ask others to do?

    • How will I know that things have improved – what will I feel, see and hear that is different and better?

    • How much do I really want to achieve more satisfaction with this particular area?

    Has completing the Wheel of Life suggested any project or change in your life that you would like to make? Would it be helpful to talk it through with a friend or family member?

    Wheel of Life

    The Wheel of Work

    The wheel of work allows you to review the balance within your career and work; whether some parts of your work life are more satisfactory than others. The wheel is divided into different sections.

    Give yourself a score for each of the eight areas of your work life shown below.

    • Professional development

    • Career progress

    • Work content and process

    • Earnings/financial reward

    • Recognition/support

    • Relationships at work

    • Purpose and passion

    • Work/life balance

    What did you learn this time? What changes would you like to make? Maybe there are some changes in the work environment that would be worthwhile.


Approach five to eight people who know us well and ask them about our unique abilities, things we are particularly good at or special qualities that this person sees in us. Then record what each of these individuals thinks of as our unique abilities.

I suggest a development of the exercise. As well as asking them what they think are your unique abilities, also ask them what they value as a special gift from you. This would be more personal, and might have no relationship with your unique abilities – either something that you have done for them, something your are for them or something you represent for them.

When they reply, record their response as follows: -

"Name" thinks my abilities are:

"Name" values ........ as a special gift from me.

May I suggest that when you ask people to respond that you also offer to do the same for them. And don't do the asking until you have already decided what are their unique abilities and what is a special gift from them

.I wonder what you will learn? Good luck.

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