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Thomas Leonard's 15 Clarifiers

Hallmarks of Coachville's Certified Coach

Before he died, Thomas Leonard, founder of Coachville, created a new set of coaching standards.

These "knowing what you hear" clarifiers formed one of the five components of Coachville's Certified Coach Programme. 

  • Urgent or Important?

    Is the matter urgent or "merely" important?

  • Addressed or Avoiding? Is the client addressing the problem/situation, or avoiding it?

  • Accurate or Interpretation?

    Is the client being accurate or are they interpreting?

  • Open or Resistant?

    Does the client sound open or resistant about what they are sharing?

  • Internal or External Reference Point?

    Is what the client is saying coming from them or an external reference point?

  • Want or Could/Should/Need?

    Is it a want or a something very different?

  • Opportunity or Possibility?

    Is it a real opportunity or just a possibility?

  • Source or Symptom?

    Is it the source of the problem or a symptom?

  • Opening or Share?

    Is what the client is saying an opening for change or just an fyi/share?

  • Response or Reaction?

    Is the client responding to a situation or reacting to it?

  • Create or Eliminate?

    Is the client creating something or reducing/eliminating something?

  • Problem or Concern?

    Is the client presenting a problem or just a concern?

  • Present or Past?

    Is the client coming from the present or the past?

  • Acceptance or Resistance?

    Is the client accepting a change/new reality or resisting it?

  • Toward or Away From? Is the client moving toward something or away from something?

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