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Top Tips from ThreeTicks

Tips to Improve Your Agendas

Agendas provide structure and organisation for meetings

Agendas are an essential tool for effective meetings, helping to ensure that meetings are productive, efficient, and effective, and that all attendees are informed, engaged and able to contribute.

A well-prepared agenda allows attendees to come to the meeting prepared, which can increase participation and productivity. It also helps to set clear expectations for the meeting and helps to prioritise and focus on the most important issues.

The agenda along with the minutes, can be used to follow up on action items, track progress, and ensure that all attendees are aware of any decisions or actions that were taken.

Here are some tips for setting agendas for meetings:

  • Clearly define the purpose and objectives of the meeting: Make sure all attendees are aware of the purpose and expected outcomes of the meeting before it begins.

  • Invite the right people: Only invite attendees who are necessary and relevant to the meeting's objectives and agenda.

  • Create a detailed agenda: Include a list of topics to be discussed, any necessary background information, and any materials that need to be reviewed.

  • Assign roles and responsibilities: Identify who will be leading the discussion and who will be responsible for specific tasks or actions.

  • Allow for flexibility: Be open to adjusting the agenda as necessary, and allow for some time for open discussion and impromptu topics.

  • Set a clear time frame: Establish a start and end time for the meeting, and try to stick to it as closely as possible.

  • Distribute the agenda in advance: Send out the agenda and any necessary materials at least 24 hours before the meeting to give attendees time to prepare.

  • Follow up after the meeting: Send out minutes of the meeting and any action items that need to be completed, and schedule a follow-up meeting if necessary.

  • Encourage participation: Create an open and inclusive environment for all attendees to express their ideas and opinions during the meeting.

  • Be prepared: Review the agenda and any necessary materials beforehand, and come prepared to lead the meeting and facilitate discussion effectively.

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