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Sample Questions for a Director Appraisal

Board performance and director appraisal should be undertaken at least annually

Good governance requires that directors' performance is appraised annually.

Here are some questions you might like to include:

How has the director's leadership and management style contributed to the overall success of the company?

In what areas has the director excelled, and how have these successes impacted the company?

Are there any areas in which the director could improve their performance? If so, what specific steps can be taken to address these areas?

How has the director fostered a positive and productive work environment for employees?

How has the director responded to challenges and obstacles faced by the company?

How has the director demonstrated their commitment to the company's mission and values?

How has the director's communication and interpersonal skills impacted their effectiveness as a leader?

How has the director effectively managed and allocated resources within the company?

How has the director demonstrated their ability to adapt and be flexible in a rapidly changing business environment?

How has the director's strategic vision and decision-making impacted the long-term success of the company?

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