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The 10 Elements of Culture That Matter Most to Employees

The culture of values and behaviours matters to employees

Knowing what elements of culture matter most to employees can help leaders foster engagement as they transition to a new reality that will include more remote and hybrid work.

These ten elements were identified in an analysis of 1.4 million reviews on Glassdoor, in which employees rated their employer's culture and values on a scale of 1 to 5.

The scores were then weighted to indicate the relative importance in predicting a company's culture rating:

  • Employees feel respected (17.9). Employees are treated with consideration, courtesy, and dignity, and their perspectives are taken seriously.

  • Supportive leaders (9.4). Leaders help employees do their work, respond to requests, accommodate employees’ individual needs, offer encouragement, and have their backs.

  • Leaders live core values (7.3). Leaders’ actions are consistent with the organisation’s values.

  • Toxic managers (5.1). Leaders create a poisonous work environment and are described in extremely negative terms.

  • Unethical behaviour (2.6). Managers and employees lack integrity and act in an unethical manner.

  • Benefits (6.1). Employees’ assessment of all employer-provided benefits.

  • Perks (5.1). Employees’ assessment of workplace amenities and perks.

  • Learning and development (4.2). Employees’ assessment of opportunities for formal and informal learning.

  • Job security (8.5). Perceived job security, including fear of layoffs, offshoring, and automation.

  • Reorganisations (2.4). How employees view reorganisations, including frequency and quality.

  • Source: sloanreview

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