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Top Tips from ThreeTicks

Tips to improve your public speaking

Public speaking and formal presentations

The ability to communicate in public, including formal presentations is a great asset that becomes more significant as you progress through your career.

Here are some tips for public speaking:

Know your audience: Consider the age, background, and interests of your audience when preparing your speech.

Know your material: Make sure you are well-prepared and knowledgeable about your topic.

Practice: Practice your speech several times before presenting it to ensure that you are comfortable and confident.

Use visual aids: Use visual aids such as slides or props to help illustrate your points and keep your audience engaged.

Use a clear and strong voice: Speak clearly and loudly enough for everyone in the room to hear you.

Make eye contact: Make eye contact with different members of your audience to engage them and establish a connection.

Use natural gestures: Use natural gestures to help convey your message and keep your audience engaged.

Be confident: Believe in yourself and your message. This will help you project confidence and engage your audience.

Take deep breaths: Take deep breaths to help calm your nerves and relax your body before speaking.

End with a strong conclusion: Summarise your main points and leave a lasting impression on your audience with a strong conclusion.

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