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Questions to Consider Before Selecting a Coach to Work with You

Selecting a coach is about personal chemistry and competence as much as qualifications and experience

A coach will partner with an individual or team to set agreed goals, provide tools, support and structure. Coaches hold clients accountable for reaching their goals and achieving the desired results.

Here are some useful questions to consider before selecting a coach to work with you:

  • Why should I hire you?

  • How much do you charge?

  • Who have you worked with before?

  • Can I talk to a couple of your former and current clients?

  • How many paying clients do you currently have?

  • What percentage of your clients are not coaches or consultants?

  • How is your coaching different from consulting?

  • Are you primarily a business coach or a personal coach?

  • What are the typical kinds of issues you help coaches with?

  • How long do you usually work with coaches?

  • What kind of business background do you have?

  • What’s your professional background?

  • What kind of results have you helped other clients achieve?

  • Do you give a guarantee?

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