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Top Tips from ThreeTicks

13 Ways to Reframe
"Learning How To Change Makes Me Anxious"

You can change how you feel by reframing a perception

Reframing is an effective way of changing behaviour which involves changing the way an event is perceived.

Here are some some suggestions for how to reframe "Learning how to change makes me feel anxious".

1. Model of the World

“That’s one way of looking at it, perhaps I’m feeling anxious generally”

2. Apply to self

“I make myself anxious by thinking that”

3. Elicit values / criteria

“What’s important about that for me?” “How is that a problem for me?”

4. Positive consequences

“So that will make me try harder”

5. Negative consequences

“So I might give up?”

6. Set a further outcome

“It’s not being anxious that matters, it’s what I actively do to help me change”

7. Tell a metaphor

“It’s just like learning to drive a different car…. you’re anxious at first but soon get used to it”

8. Redefine

“I’m not anxious, just excited about learning new things”

9. Be specific

“Learning how to change how I think makes me anxious”

10. Be general

“Learning makes me anxious”

11. Counter examples

“Have I ever been anxious when I wasn’t learning how to change?”

“Have I ever learned how to change without being anxious?”

“Have I ever learned anything without being anxious?”

12. Positive intention

“Being anxious shows that I am changing”

13. Change the time frame

“I am anxious now, but I will become calmer over time as I learn to change and become more confident”

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