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Directors, Boards and Corporate Governance

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The Keys to the Boardroom - Jo Haigh

Expert advice from a world class entrepreneur on navigating the boardroom - how to get there, how to stay there and how to make a difference. This down-to-earth and personalised account of what makes a good director is a must-read for those aspiring to the post and those new to the role.

It takes aspiring and existing non-executive directors through the mechanics and philosophies of the board, helping to take away much of the mystery surrounding how boards operate, what they really do and how to make the best contribution to the governance and strategic direction of the business.

the Effective Board - Neville Bain and Roger Barker

The Effective Board will help anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness of their organisation - whether they're a new of experienced member of the board and whether they run a small firm, a listed company, a charity or a public sector body. Much of the content also applies internationally.

How Boards Work - Dambisa Moyo

In How Boards Work, prizewinning economist, veteran board director, and best selling author Dambisa Moyo offers an insider's view of corporate boards as they are buffeted by the turbulence of our times. Drawing on her decades of experience serving on corporate boards, Moyo lays out what it is that boards actually do, and outlines how they must adapt to survive the challenges of coming years. Corporations need boards that are more transparent, more knowledgeable, more diverse and more deeply involved in setting the strategic course of the companies they lead.

Cases in Corporate Governance - Robert Wearing

With in-depth analysis of nine different cases, several of which have influenced the codes and regulations of corporate behaviour in the UK and US, this book explores the relationship between governance practice and theory. Each case gives readers the scope to analyses a typical situation and its outcome.

The book outlines that there are sometimes conflicting views at to what is "good" governance and will help students clarify their own ideas about why governance fails and what the possible solutions are. 

Directors: An A-Z Guide - R I (Bob) Tricker

Following an introductory essay on what makes for effective directors and successful boards, the A-Z Economist Guide covers everything from Accountability and Agency Theory, through Helicopter Vision and Log Rolling, all the way to Whistle Blower and Yakuza. Useful appendices include codes and checklists.

Corporate Governance - A Diretor's Guide

This booklet published by the UK IoD provides practical advice for directors on today's most important boardroom issue. Governance means rigorous 

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