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The Great Books Dispersal

Richard Winfield's collection of books, collected over a 40-year career

Richard Winfield

Anyone who knows me and has visited me in my office will know about my famous library, collected at conference bookshops internationally and generally purchased to follow my professional interests.

Most of these have been read and incorporated into courses, resources and posts, so I have decided to set them free.

Now, you have an opportunity to purchase selected collections, many out of print, curated by me.

They will be offered through eBay but promoted here.

Register today for notice as they are released.

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Company Directors

A collection of major publications from the UK Institute of Directors covering company directors, non-executive directors and effective directors.

Boards and Corporate Governance

This collection includes more IoD publications, this time focusing on boards and governance. In addition, books by Jo Haigh, Robert Wearing and Dambisa Moyo.

Directors making notes

Directors, UK Companies Act and Risk Management

These easy access short books provide ready references without the need for detailed study. The 1995 Good Practice for Directors - Standards for the Board is a much ignored classic to which I refer frequently and which forms the basis of some of our courses.

NLP Grinder and Bandler

NLP Founders

This unique collection includes original NLP texts by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They describe that fundamentals of NLP and range between 1975 and 1982 - these classic texts form the basis of so much knowledge and ideas developed since then.

NLP Grinder and Bandler

NLP Classics

This unique collection includes many of the original publications by Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Tad James, Genie Z Laborde that laid the foundations for this (then) brand new field.

NLP in practice

NLP in Practice

NLP has developed worldwide since its original application to therapy. Nowadays it is much more likely to be found in business, communications and personal development. These books are the result.

Executive coaching


Although I learned most of my coaching skills on courses and at conferences I also accumulated books from leading practitioners. After all I can never resist a conference bookstall.

Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley Collection

I have been a fan of Daniel since attending his very first event in London. So, I have bought and read each of his books as they were published. I have applied Key Person of Influence and am now using his Scorecards.

His other books record his thinking on the entrepreneur's journey.

Bradley Sugars

'Instant Success' from Bradley J Sugars

Bradley Sugars is the founder of Action International, the renowned international network of business coaches. He commissioned this series of 14 guides covering all aspects of business. I had to fly to Las Vegas to purchase these; you can buy the complete set now.

Project Management

Project Management

I was commissioned to design and deliver a project management course for a team from Nigeria. The collection includes the sources for my programme. From Dummies to global standards.

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