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The Great Books Dispersal

'Instant Success' from Bradley J Sugars

Bradley J Sugars

Bradley Sugars is the founder of Action International, the renowned international network of business coaches.

Brad and the ActionCOACH team have refined over 500 business strategies and systems that are used by ActionCOACH business coaches on six continents.

He commissioned this series of 14 guides covering all aspects of business.

I had to fly to Las Vegas to purchase these; you can buy the complete set now.

Books in this collection

The Business Coach

Follow along as the coach in this parable of small business breakthrough demonstrates how to successfully navigate the challenges and recognise the opportunities business owners face every day. The Business Coach uses strategies developed by Brad Sugars and the business coaches at Action International, who have helped nearly a million business owners worldwide realise their dreams.

Instant Profit

Business is brisk, and you have a solid core of loyal customers. So why aren't you raking in bigger profits? Sounds like it's time to see what you could be doing better. In Instant profit Brad Sugars helps you identify ways to improve your business and boost profits fast using the 4Ms of profit.

Instant Leads

Trying to grwo a business without a steady supply of fresh leads is like trying to drive across the country on a single tank of gas. With everything on your plate, who has time to chase after new leads?

Don't panic, Brad Sugars shows you why generating a constant flow of hot leads isn't nearly as complicated as you might think.

Instant Sales

From financial advice to hairstyling, fitness training to auto parts, no matter what your product or service, you've got to sell to stay in business. In Instant Sales Brad Sugars delivers techniques for infusing your business with a powerful sales ethic and creating super sales success.

Instant Cash Flow

Brad Sugars helps you identify your company's hidden "gold mines", dramatically boost your bottom line, and get on the fast track to big profits. And best of all, these crystal-clear, bite-sized lessons can be put to work in you business immediately.

Instant Systems

You didn't start your business just to become a slave to it, but how do you get things done the way you want when you're not there? Brad Sugars shows you how as he walks you step-by-step through the entire process of systematising your business.

Instant Advertising

When it comes to attracting customers, the only difference between your company and Microsoft, Ford and Coke is great advertising. In Instant Advertising you'll find everything you need to create killer ads that won't break the bank,

Instant Referrals

If you're the business owner who hates cold calling and chasing after new leads, then you'll love the easy referral strategies in Instant Referrals used by self-made millionaire and entrepreneurial expert Brad Sugars. 

Instant Promotions

When it comes to attracting customers, the only difference between your company and Sprint, Apple or Burger King is great promotions. But what if you don't have millions for sophisticated PR and advertising campaign? No problem, Brad Sugars helps you create compelling press releases, sizzling ads, irresistible in-store promotions and other promotional tools that get customers flocking to you.

Instant Repeat Business

You promotional campaign worked like a charm and the flow of new customers has been phenomenal. So why are your profits lagging? Maybe because while you were busy chasing after new customers you overlooked your old ones. In this book Brad Sugars shows you how to cultivate a big base of loyal customers who buy, buy and buy again.

Instant Team Building

Brad Sugars explains all the elements that contribute to a great team, and walks you through the process of finding and assembling a team of motivated, compatible employees who will help you take your business to new heights of productivity, profitability and fun.

Successful Franchising

Brad Sugars is one of the most successful franchising experts in the world. With the help of real-life examples, including KFC, Subway, and Howard Johnson's, Sugars arms you with powerful information you can put into action - immediately.

The Real Estate Coach

It's a fact: you'll never get rich just working for a living. The only sure way to achieve real wealth and the freedom it buys is by letting your investments work for you. And, as self-made multimillionaire Brad Sugars proves, the quickest and safest route to the kind of "passive" income it takes to live the dream is real estate investment.

Billionaire in Training

If there's one thing self-made millionaire Brad Sugars knows, it's that getting rich is a lot simpler than most people realise.

In Billionaire in Training he puts you on the fast track to wealth creation through buying, building and selling businesses - and doing it at a faster pace than you ever thought possible.

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