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The Great Books Dispersal

NLP Founders - Bandler and Grinder

Richard Bandler and John Grinder

Richard Bandler and John Grinder are the co-founders of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), a field that combines cognitive and behavioural psychology with linguistics to create a set of tools and techniques for personal development and communication.

Bandler is known for his innovative approaches to therapy, including the creation of the technique known as "anchoring," while Grinder has made significant contributions to the study of linguistics and the development of the meta-model, a tool for clarifying language. Together, they developed a number of influential models and techniques that are widely used in the fields of business, education, and personal growth.

This collection includes the books, jointly authored, in which they described their discoveries.

Books in this collection

The Structure of Magic

Having watched the process of change over time and distilled from it the patterns of the 'how' process, Bandler and Grinder were able to make explicit the syntax of how people avoid change and therefore how to assist them in changing. In this, their fist book, they describe the predictable elements in a transaction between two people that make change happen. 

Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton Erickson MD

This volume is the first in a series of studies of the patterns of hypnotic techniques employed by Milton H. Erickson. In this first volume, the NLP founders focused primarily on the verbal patterns which Erickson used in his work. Their emphasis was on the portions of his work dealing with the induction of trance and the use of suggestion for assisting the client in accomplishing the objectives of trance work.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Structure of Hypnosis, edited by Connirae Andreas.

This book has been created from verbatim transcripts of 10 different seminars on hypnosis, edited together so that it appears as single workshop, with no distinction between when Bandler is speaking and when Grinder was speaking. The material presented is detailed and specific and carefully sequenced, beginning with simple concepts and exercises, and proceeding step-by-step to more advanced procedures.


Neuro-linguistic Programming and the Transformation of Meaning

Reframing is the pivotal element in the creative process: it is the ability to put a commonplace event in a new frame that is useful and enjoyable.

Reframing is a very powerful communication tool. This book takes it from the realm of a hit-and-miss art to a set of predictable and systematic interventions for achieving behavioural change. It has been edited from transcriptions of a number of different workshops and training seminars presented by the authors and includes both an explicit description of the basic structure of reframing and advanced reframing. 

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